How BYDS Celebrates Texas

We had a lot going on round these parts to celebrate our great state of Texas! #gotexanday

We started our morning with a Morning Texercises and the 4th Grade Play. Each year our 4th graders treat us to a play about Texas history and this year they featured THE TEXANS:  BIRTH OF THE LONE STAR STATE. Their review of early Texas history covers the arrival of the European explorers through annexation in 1845. Stephen Austin, Sam Houston, Susannah Dickenson, and José Antonio Navarro are just some of the colorful characters in this amazing story. From the arrival of Spanish gold-seekers to the rise of cotton and cattle, The Texans is a tuneful exploration of the birth of the 28th state.

After a standing ovation we held our monthly All-School Shabbat as a school community in full western get-ups. And we all know who came over for #TexasShabbat – our good friend the #ShabbatDinosaur – this is always such a fun song that gets everyone dancing, singing, and high-fiving. What a way to welcome in the Sabbath.

Thank you to the HOUSTON AZTEC DANCE AND DRUM for presenting the Native American Heritage cultural demonstrations including dancing, drumming, singing, and hands-on activities. Our guests are 7th and 8th generation Texans and taught us all about Texas BEFORE it was Texas. Each class participated in an interactive learning session led conducted by 3 dancers in full regalia of the northern and southern plains of Native American decent. We were also lucky to have an all-school performance of a Mexi’cah (Aztec) dance with performers in full Aztec dance regalia.

Throughout the day, our 1st – 5th graders participated in a TEXAS-SIZED SCAVENGER HUNT. Students used clues (with a little help from their teachers when needed) to go around school collecting answers to Texas trivia. Once they completed the hunt, they were rewarded with a certificate and a small prize! Our older grades (4th and 5th) worked to solve their scavenger hunt on computers! They had to search for the answers to the Texas questions online in order to move win.

Pre-K through 2nd Grades were visited by 4th and 5th grade students to present a PUPPET SHOW or STORYTIME with a Texas-themed story.

Just before lunch, students competed in TEXAS GAMES AND SACK RACES

Student work was displayed all over the school showing their art, pre-recorded presentations, #TexasSTEAM History projects, and decorations to celebrate our Texas pride and how much we’ve learned about Texas History. #STARTcelebratingHERE

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