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On Fridays, we enjoy challot from The Bagel Shop Bakery for your child to bring home. You may order challah for EVERY WEEK or for EVERY OTHER WEEK at the beginning of the year only. Shabbat Shalom!

Please place your orders before Wednesday, August 14th.


Please bear with us as we continue to build a special private section just for our BYDS parents. In the meantime, below you will find a list of our most used links for parents.

We hope that this section will be useful to you as you navigate your child’s BYDS experience from infant through fifth grade. Should you ever need an additional tool or have a suggestion, please email marketing@byds.org; we will attempt to make that resource available here.


School Uniforms

*Most uniform orders placed online will take 5-7 work days. If items are backordered it could take up to an additional 5-7 work days. Please contact kaleidoscopeuniform@gmail.com with questions about your order.

  • Spirit Wear

    Our BYDS spirit shirts is also offered in adult sizes if you’re interested. Place order online.


BYDS has partnered with The Emery/Weiner School to deliver a high-quality kosher dining program.

BYDS and the PTO split duties for our lunch program. The school will administer the Lunch Program, including the lunch service, ordering, and payments, while the PTO volunteers will serve lunch daily. If you have any questions, please contact lunch@byds.org about service, system, or payment issues. For comments and compliments, you may also email S0097@sagedining.com. Many thanks!

Here are a few quick facts about the lunch program:

  1. Lunch will be prepared in the kosher kitchen at The Emery/Weiner School and transported daily to BYDS.
  2. Lunch choices will include a hot bar, salad bar, deli and pasta options, and fresh fruit served daily. Options on any given day will either be entirely parve (when serving meat), or entirely dairy (no meat will be served on these days).
  3. The chef determines all menu options.
  4. Enrollment for the lunch program is per semester at a cost of $570/per student/per semester, from CDO through 5th grade.
  5. You can enroll after the semester begins. However, the cost remains $570 per student/per semester.
  6. Payment per student/per semester is nonrefundable.
  7. BYDS will provide lunch for those who are attending field trips on any given day.

To enroll for the 2019-2020 lunch program please register through MyBackpack. If you have any further questions regarding the Hot Lunch program, please email lunch@byds.org.

Enroll in Hot Lunch 2019-2020

  1. Log into MyBackpack
  2. Click on “Enrollment/Re-enrollment” under “My Forms/Documents”
  3. Scroll down and click on PAID under Online Payment
  4. Select your Hot Lunch Options (Fall 2019 and/or Spring 2020)

BYDS Parent Handbook

Our Parent Handbook has now been updated to outline our school policies and procedures. Please review the guidelines to help ensure your student and your family get the most out of your time at our school. Early Childhood sections are highlighted in yellow.