Tri-Lingual Projects

Collaboration is an important element in our curriculum. Mrs. Carasso, the 3rd-5th Hebrew teacher, and Mrs. Silberman, the Spanish teacher, worked together to create a project to enrich students’ vocabulary and fluency in both languages, and compare and contrast grammar styles in Spanish, Hebrew, and English, all while practicing their skills of collaboration and corporation working in teams.

Each grade level was assigned a theme. 3rd graders studied “Seasonal Clothing”, 4th graders focused on “Food”, and 5th graders selected “Rooms and Spaces”, both in and out of the house.

The first part of the assignment was to build a vocabulary list of theme-focused words in each language – English, Hebrew, and Spanish. The next step was to compose sentences using that vocabulary with correct prepositions and adjectives according to each language structure. After that, groups designed models showcasing their sentences. Each group presented their model in Hebrew and Spanish to their classmates. Our final goal is to create a master list for each grade with the most relevant words to participate in a “vocabulary Bee”.  #STARTlearningHERE

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