Who Earned Mensch of Month?

Today we recognized our first “Mensches” of the school year. We are so proud of them!

Kindergarten: Emily
1st Grade: Jonah
2nd Grade: Eytan
3rd Grade: Daniel
4th Grade: Myles
5th Grade: Jaden

We are so proud of our students for practicing these life skills that we have built into our curriculum:

Integrity              הגינות   HA-GI-NUT
Respect                כבוד   KA-VOD
Cooperation       שיתוף פעולה   SHI-TUF PE-U-LA
Responsibility    אחריות   A-CHA-RAYUT
Gratitude            הכרת תודה   HA-KA-RAT TODA

When these principles are practiced daily they help create consistent positive lifestyle traits. We are constantly implementing new school-wide activities to help promote a more unified and consistent BYDS community.

Using the five life skills, one student per class will be nominated by their teachers for demonstrating the five traits throughout that month. Receiving this award is a huge honor, and these students will be recognized on Friday afternoon during Kabbalat Shabbat services. Students can receive this award more than once for consistently displaying these traits, but not all students will receive Mensch of the Month.

We encourage you to help reinforce these skills at home through conversations, modeling, and giving your children opportunities to exhibit these traits. You can do this by giving them responsibilities, modeling gratitude in your daily life, and working together to solve a problem. We hope to create a balanced social and emotional environment for all our students and teachers this year. It starts with setting the foundation and practicing these lifelong skills early. Thank you always for your support.

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