Raising a Mensch is a prime goal for Jewish parents.  Yes, we want our children to do well in school, to have wonderful friends and to go on to excellent schools of higher education, and equally important is for our children to be Menschim. To treat others with kindness and respect, to have integrity, to support and collaborate with their peers and their teachers- this is what we foster at BYDS. I am BYDS.

At BYDS we work diligently to create a safe, nurturing, and Middah-driven school.  With the implementation of our Jewish Life program, our Mensch awards are based on more than exemplifying our BYDS Life Skills. Our Mensches are selected when they consistently follow the RAM Routines, display BYDS Life Skills, and practice our Monthly Middot. With the new program, every child will be “caught” doing the right thing and will be recognized. This year, our Mensch awards will be given out twice a month during morning exercises and at the end of the year, parents will be invited when we hand out “Mensch of the Year” awards celebrating those students who were consistent throughout the year.

Ariel Rozen

Director of Jewish Life

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