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Each day our kids come to school to learn not only core subjects, but life skills. At BYDS part of our mission is to guide and teach our students about Respect, Cooperation, Gratitude, Integrity, and Responsibility. If you notice, our 5 Life Skills have a common thread – Kindness. As part of these core values each year we host an annual Kindness Week. Each day will focus on a theme which aligns with our life skills and students will participate in fun and enriching activities. Our students will be immersed in an atmosphere of kindness through individual daily challenges, designated times for critical thinking and discussion, and even faculty to faculty acts of kindness.

Kindness Week is November 5th – 9th

  • Monday: Team Kindness: Wear your favorite sports uniform (and a visit from Astros’ Orbit)
  • Tuesday: Powered by Kindness: Dress as your favorite Super Hero
  • Wednesday: Wear your shirts backwards – Words that hurt can’t be taken back
  • Thursday: Dream of Kindness: Pajama day

Monday: Respect כבוד    KA-VOD

Tuesday: Responsibility אחריות  A-CHA-RAYUT

Wednesday: Cooperation שיתוף-פעולהSHI-TUF PE-U-LA

Thursday: Integrity הגינותHA-GI-NUT

Friday: Gratitude הכרת-תודה  HA-KA-RAT TODA

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