Faculty Spotlight Week 2

Paula Singer, 4th & 5th Grade Math Teacher

How long have you taught at BYDS?

I began teaching at BYDS in 1991…a very long time ago!!! My kids went to school here and I stepped in as a long-term sub…just never left! I’ve taught in several grades and worn many hats. BYDS is my second home and my other family. Now, I’m blessed to have my grandchildren attend. I grew up in Wharton, TEXAS, where I was the only Jewish person in my grade and the only Jewish girl in my school. It was extremely important to me that my children attended Jewish Day School and grow up in a Jewish community.

What is your most memorable moment at BYDS so far?

Too many memorable moments to pick just one in my years here, but one that stands out is when JJ Watt came to visit my classroom.  When he walked down the hall, there were so many shouts and screams for the local celebrity! He spoke to my class and was just a really nice guy! He came back a second time, but we had to sneak him in through the kitchen!

Who is your favorite sports team?

Astros! They won the World Series on my birthday! I’m a UT Longhorn fan, though, too.

What is your favorite kind of candy, and why?

Candy?! I like chocolate!  I like junk chocolate like kisses, etc. – not the fancy kind. Why? The only thing better than chocolate is more chocolate!

Katie Herbst, Lead THREEs Teacher

Did anything or anyone inspire you to become a teacher?

I have always loved children and from the time I was old enough to babysit, I have enjoyed working with children. I became inspired to pursue my master’s degree in education after I took a few Education courses for my core studies and felt such a strong connection to my studies and Professors. They had such a passion that made you as the student want to be involved in such a profession. The desire to help children in their earliest developmental stages has also been the reason I chose to go into Early Childhood.

What are you most proud of this year regarding your work at BYDS?

I am most proud of the children and their resilience during such a crazy and challenging time to live in.  They are such an inspiration for me to keep my chin up and keep doing what I love so much even during this unprecedented time. I am so thankful that we can be in school in person and really feel grateful to their parents for entrusting them to us especially now!

What are you “free” reading right now?

I am in the middle of reading a Psychological Thriller The End of Her now. This is my favorite genre; if you have a good recommendation, please send them my way!

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is a close call between cereal and pizza!

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