Shine Your Light by Ariel Rozen

Last week many of our families celebrated Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the day that we have put aside in our calendar to display our thanks to those around us including, family, friends, and neighbors. Many families take this day to spread kindness through good deeds, such as distributing meals to those in need, volunteering at soup kitchens and many other worthy organizations.

Next week we will be celebrating Hanukkah both in school and at home. While many of our students focus on the receiving of gifts during these 8 days, at school we have been focusing on the Hanukkah story and the messages of religious freedom, overcoming adversity and spreading light in the face of darkness. It is no accident that Hanukkah is celebrated as the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer. During Hanukkah we learn that a little light goes a long way. Just as a ripple of kindness begins with a single good deed, our light grows bigger but begins with a single candle.

In a world seemingly filled with shadows, we encourage our families to be helpers and to focus on the light. It only take one flame to dispel darkness and one good deed to increase happiness in the world.

Happy Hanukkah to our BYDS families!

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