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Dear BYDS Parents,

While there are a variety of reasons why schools choose for their students to wear uniforms, the strong sense of community that occurs from wearing a school uniform is one that is cited repeatedly. Additionally, it was found that students display more pride in their school and their school spirit is elevated when students wear a school uniform.

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all our BYDS students. Students are required to wear the proper school uniform during the school day. Please help us to enforce our uniform policy by seeing that your children are in complete uniform each day. As parents, by upholding the concept of uniforms, you create for your children a sense of belonging, a development of pride for our school, and an understanding that our uniform shows that we are united as the school community. Thank you so much for your continued support of BYDS.

HUB92 Prints and Kaleidoscope School Uniforms have teamed up to provide our new uniforms with the BYDS logo. HUB9 Prints will provide our BYDS spirit wear and outerwear. The link to reach the BYDS Storefronts can be found through our school website under Parent Resources at http://byds.org/parent-resources/uniforms.

Thank you to our providers for offering an easy way to order and reasonable pricing. We are also grateful that they are also donating a portion of the proceeds back to our BYDS Annual Giving Fund. Our generous providers will be at Meet the Teacher on Monday, August 13th to display our new BYDS uniforms.


Please register to start shopping online at https://www.kaleidoscopeuniforms.com/index.php/shop-beth-yeshurun-day-school. Uniform attire can be ordered and shipped to you anytime you place an order online.

Click here to view our uniform requirements by day.


Please place your order for Spirit Wear prior to Friday, August 3rd in order to have it delivered to the school by the August 15th. We will send home your orders that first week of school. In order to keep costs down, we are offering spirit wear orders in “rounds”. We will open a new round of orders next semester. Our BYDS spirit shirts is also offered in adult sizes if you’re interested.

To place your order for your spirit wear, please click below:

We’d like to offer a grace period for those who have not yet outgrown their current uniforms. However, once you need to purchase new articles of uniform clothing, you will be required order through the online uniform stores of our dedicated vendors.

Cynthia Kirsch
BYDS Assistant Head of School

Click here to review our Uniform Requirements for the 2018-2019 school year.

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