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DSC_9048Dear BYDS Parents,

While there are a variety of reasons why schools choose for their students to wear uniforms, the strong sense of community that occurs from wearing a school uniform is one that is cited repeatedly. Additionally, it was found that students display more pride in their school and their school spirit is elevated when students wear a school uniform.

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all our BYDS students. Students are required to wear the proper school uniform during the school day. Please help us to enforce our uniform policy by seeing that your children are in complete uniform each day. As parents, by upholding the concept of uniforms, you create for your children a sense of belonging, development of pride for our school, and an understanding that our uniform shows that we are united as the school community. Thank you so much for your continued support of BYDS.

Cynthia Kirsch
Elementary School Principal

For the 2017-2018 school year, the uniform requirements are:

In consideration of the physical safety of our students while on campus, students in grades K-5 will be required to wear athletic shoes as a part of their uniform dress code. I understand that all children have different needs for comfort, support, etc.; therefore no specific shoe brand is required.

  • Students may choose from the following colors: solid black, solid white, or solid gray. Laces should be black, white, or gray. Shoes can have a color swoosh and soles can be white on any color shoe.
  • Multi-colored shoes are not allowed. No slip-on shoes, boots, high tops, or ankle tops or knee-high shoes of any style will be permitted.
  • For students in grades K-1, a velcro athletic shoe is acceptable.
  • For students in grades 2-5, shoes must have laces, as being able to tie one’s shoes is a fine-motor skill that is developmentally appropriate for children of this age.

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The following items can be purchased online at Parker School Uniforms, https://www.parkersu.com.

The online link can also be found on the www.BYDS.org website in the Parent Resources at http://byds.org/parent-resources/uniforms

Kindergarten through Third Grade GIRLS:
The style for the girls’ required uniform jumper in grades K-3 can be found in the Parker Uniform brochure on our website at https://www.parkersu.com.

The polo shirt colors are solid navy, red, and white.

Monday through Thursday:

  • The jumper may be worn any day – but must be worn on Friday.
  • The jumper must be worn with the Peter Pan collared shirt (short or long sleeved).
  • Navy modesty shorts must be worn underneath the jumper.
  • The skorts may be worn Monday through Thursday.
  • The skorts may be worn with solid navy, red, or white collared shirt (short or long sleeved).
  • Navy modesty shorts are not required under the skorts.


  • Jumper is required on Fridays with a Peter Pan collar shirt.
  • Navy modesty shorts must be worn underneath the jumper.

Kindergarten through Fifth Grade BOYS:

Monday through Thursday:

  • For boys in all grades, both the polo shirt and the turtleneck knit shirt come in solid, navy, red, and white.
  • For boys in grades 2-5 only, leather belts in black or brown are required.



  • Friday dress uniform is required: long pants with a white shirt


Fourth and Fifth Grade GIRLS:

  • To distinguish their upper-school status, girls in grades 4-5 can chose a solid navy skirt or the traditional plaid skirt for their required uniform attire.
  • The BYDS plaid skort is acceptable, as well as the new navy skort for their optional uniform wear.
  • The optional polo shirt colors are solid navy, red, and white. If your daughter wears the skirt, navy modesty shorts must be worn underneath.

SPIRIT WEAR: worn on Mondays with blue jean bottoms.
If there is no school on the Monday, Spirit Wear should be worn on the Tuesday.

Lands’ End Online at http://www.landsend.com/pp/SchoolSearch.html?action=landing&selectedSchoolNum=900163320 will be providing our spirit wear and outerwear again this year. The link to reach the Lands’ End BYDS Storefront can be reached through our school website under Parent Resources at http://byds.org/parent-resources/uniforms. Our Lands End School Number is 900163320.

  • The spirit shirt comes in navy.
  • Both long and short sleeve styles are available.
  • The shirt comes embroidered with our BYDS logo.
  • Any spirit shirts from previous years should be retired, if you are interested in recycling them, it would be wonderful if you would kindly donate them to Mrs. Gold. She uses them as smocks for her art classes. Thank you!

Outerwear will also be available for purchase through Lands’ End Online, which can be found at http://www.landsend.com/pp/SchoolSearch.html?action=landing&selectedSchoolNum=900163320

  • Your child may continue to wear the current BYDS fleece jacket during the upcoming school year.
  • In addition to the fleece jacket, we are also offering through Lands’ End, a navy lightweight pullover sweater as well as a sweater vest.
  • All of these items come embroidered with our BYDS Logo and can be shipped directly to your home from Lands’ End.
  • These items may be worn any day of the week.
  • Only the Lands’ End sweaters or the fleece jacket can be worn as part of the uniform. No other jackets or sweaters are permitted.

Once you register with Lands’ End, you will begin receiving discount coupons for your online purchases, as well.

You can download a copy of this information at the link here: Uniforms Information 2016-2017


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