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BYDS and the PTO split duties for our lunch program. The school will administer the Hot Lunch Program, including the lunch service, ordering, and payments, while the PTO volunteers will serve lunch daily. Information regarding the Hot Lunch Program, Parent Volunteers for the hot lunch program, and Challah orders is listed below, and instructions for the programs are in the attached PDFs. If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Holland ( about service or system issues and the Business Office ( about payment issues. Many thanks!

2017-2018 HOT LUNCH

Click here to view the April 2018 Menu.
Click here to view the May 2018 Menu.

Below are a few FAQs for our 2017-2018 Hot Lunch Program.

Q | How does the pricing per lunch compare under the new system?

Under our current system in the ES and for Pre-K the rate of hot lunch on average is $7.40. Under the new system, this rate decreases to $5.60. The price for 2s, 3s and CDO will slightly increase per lunch, however, students will be provided all of the options in a family style manner, whereby each student will be able to eat until they are satisfied.

Q | Why can’t we stay with the current system?

Our current lunch system bears an increase in cost from year to year and therefore renders our lunch program unsustainable.

Q | Can I sign up later in the year?

One can sign up later in the year, however, the rate of $950 for 5-day students and $570 for 3-day students will not be prorated. The full amount will need to be paid in order to enroll in the lunch program.

Q | Why can’t I sign up any time at a reduced price?

The conditions of our contract between BYDS and CBY require us to charge a one-time fee for the entire school year.

Q | Can I cancel?

All students who choose the lunch option are committed and we will not offer refunds at any time during the school year.

Q | Will the meals be the same as this year? Will the food be healthier? Will there be dessert every day?

The menu will look similar to our current hot lunch program. In addition to the familiar menu, a salad bar (with fruit), expanded pasta options, and a cereal bar will be included every day.

Q | Will there be two main dishes besides pasta?

The menu will look similar to our current hot lunch program. In addition to the familiar menu, a salad bar (with fruit), expanded pasta options, and a cereal bar every day will be included. However, as we enter into this new program we do anticipate adjustments.

Q | Will there still be baked potatoes?


Q | What is in the expanded salad bar? What is in the cereal bar?

We are currently working on the salad bar menu.  As we finalize the menus, we will post them online.

Q | Is it all you can eat of everything?

The intention is that we will provide a variety of options and the students will eat until they are satisfied.

Q | Will there always be a non-meat main dish option besides pasta? Non-dairy option?

Each day will vary. There will be at least one other meal option (non-meat or non-dairy) besides pasta every day. We are currently working with the synagogue to establish the menu.

Q | Will there still be pizza on Fridays? Any other options on Fridays?

Yes, we will continue to provide pizza on Fridays. In addition to the pizza, a salad bar (with fruit), expanded pasta options, and a cereal bar every day will be included.

Q | How will the EC meals work? Will they get all the options? Who will serve their food?

We will service the EC in a family style manner. Volunteers will still deliver lunch to the EC classrooms and the teachers will serve and monitor. We will provide the EC students with all of the same meal options as the ES students.

Q | Can I see a weekly or monthly menu in advance? Can I request what I want my child to get?

We will post menus online for parents to see when they are available. Parents cannot make requests at this time.

Q | Why can’t I buy meals for three or one day per week?

In order to provide the lunch program at an economical price, we can only offer a 5-day program. These are the conditions stipulated in the contract between CBY and BYDS.

Q | Are these policies set by the school or the synagogue?

Both CBY and BYDS are working cooperatively to provide a lunch program that is both healthy and affordable.

Q | Why can’t we use an outside food service provider?

BYDS does not have the option of working with outside competitive vendors and after much research, the most affordable option for BYDS is to work with the synagogue.

Q | What administrative costs has hot lunch been incurring?

BYDS absorbs all of the administrative costs associated with hot lunch including but not limited to the cost of the plates, cups, plasticware, napkins, as well as the salaries associated with the entire process from ordering to billing.

Q | What if my child forgets to bring a lunch?

BYDS will handle emergencies on a case-by-case basis.

Q | Did you get parent input before making this decision? Are you going to get more?

Yes, BYDS engaged in focus groups within the BYDS community, in informal inquiries with parents and in discussions with the PTO before moving forward with the new hot lunch program. BYDS always welcomes input from within the community.

Q | Will there be more food waste? How will you know how much of everything to provide?

We were able to get a more advantageous cost structure because we are anticipating less food waste through this program. Food quantities ordered will be based on a predetermined number based on enrollment in the beginning of the year and this in turn will control food waste and allow us to know how much food to provide.

Q | How will you keep track of who is in the program?

Because we will have a headcount based on the elections made during enrollment, lists will be readily available to the teachers. Wristbands will be given daily to those who are registered for hot lunch.

Q | What about special lunch days like Go Texas Day and Yom Ha’atzmaut? Can I order lunch those days?

No. At this time that is not an option. Only students enrolled in the hot lunch program will receive the special meals.

Q | Can I pay through FACTS?

Yes. The hot lunch program fee can be set up and paid for monthly through FACTS along with your enrollment payments.

Q | What about field trips?

Yes. CBY will provide a sack lunch for students signed up for the lunch program. Teachers will have to let Admin/CBY know beforehand so they can prepare the food.


– The parents of the PTO will continue to organize volunteers to serve lunch each day.  Any parent, Mom or Dad, can serve lunch.

– We are using SignUpGenius. You can see availability and make changes if necessary and you will receive reminders about your service date.

– The sign-up calendar for Hot Lunch Volunteers can be found here:


– If you plan on serving lunch, PLEASE read the attached PDF regarding Volunteer Instructions.  Even if you have served lunch before, please re-read them as some things have changed.


On Fridays, we have challot delivered from Three Brothers Bakery for your child to bring home. You may order challah for EVERY WEEK or for EVERY OTHER WEEK at the beginning of the year only. Shabbat Shalom!

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