Gala History

Beth Yeshurun Day School holds an Annual Gala that raises funds for the school and brings together the entire school community for a night of fun. Every year, our community selects two dedicated members to receive its highest honors:

The Rabbi Jack Segal Excellence in Education Award Honoree: This honor is given to recipients who have shown overwhelming commitment to the BYDS mission and worked hard on behalf of our families.

The Robin z”l and Josh z”l Berry Volunteer Award (established in 2011): In July 2011, BYDS parents, Robin and Josh Berry, lost their lives in a tragic car accident. The Berrys embodied the spirit of volunteering and a short time after their passing the award was named in their honor.

2017-2018 (Details):

  • Honoree: Our Grand Purim Celebration honored Rabbi David Rosen’s retirement and the rebuild of our Beth Yeshurun Campus
  • Event Chairs and Committees: Jen Deutsch, Season Paquette, Rachel Teichman, Jennifer Aronson, Lindsay Cohen, Dena Segal, Jennifer Rosenzweig, Randee Berman, Jordana Slawin, Tara Sondock, Courtney Haas, Danielle Haas (Volunteer Coordinator), and our counterparts at Congregation Beth Yeshurun

2016-2017 (Details):

  • Honoree and Berry Award: Rabbi Brian and Lisa Strauss
  • Event Chairs: Monique and Steven Kaufman, Elizabeth and Ed Berzin

2015-2016 (Details):

  • Honoree: Alan and Diane Levin
  • Berry Award: JJ Watt and the Justin J. Watt Foundation
  • Event Chairs: Courtney and Eric Haas, Amy and Segev Zadok

2014-2015 (Details):

  • Honoree: Carolyn Plessner
  • Berry Award: Hayley Feldman
  • Event Chairs: Jennifer Deutsch


  • Honoree: Robert and Judy Komorn
  • Berry Award: Cari Brandt
  • Event Chairs: Barb and Ron Brounes, Laina and Stuart Miller


  • Honoree: Lee Wunsch on behalf of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
  • Berry Award: Shelley Sorkin
  • Event Chairs: Jaffray Getz and Julie Kaplan


  • Honoree: Build Our Future Chairs (G. Swartz, E. Daniels, S. Raizner)
  • Berry Award: Julie Kaplan
  • Event Chairs: Gavi Roisman


  • Honoree: Margie and Clive Fields
  • Event Chairs: Linda Sheldon and Eleonora Leibman


  • Segal Honoree: Devorah Urkowitz z”l
  • Event Chairs: Jeanette Bedine, Jennifer Cowan, Jill Kaminsky, and Shelley Sorkin


  • Honorees: All BYDS Alumni at the 60th Anniversary of the School’s Founding
  • Event Chairs: Robin Berry z”l and Jennifer Deutsch


  • Honoree: Jordana Slawin
  • Event Chairs: Andria Frankfort and Taryn Daniels


  • Honoree: Marilyn Albert
  • Event Chairs: Tara Sondock and Elisha Selzer


  • Honoree: Gary Swartz


  • Honorees: Rabbis of Congregation Beth Yeshurun


  • Honoree: Annette Sondock


  • Honoree: Elaine Epstein

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