17-18 Sunday in the Park with David | A Grand Purim Celebration

Our Annual Spring Gala contributes to the financial well-being of Beth Yeshurun Day School. This year, we will host a Grand Purim Celebration in honor of Rabbi David Rosen’s retirement and the rebuild of our Beth Yeshurun Campus.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s Grand Purim Celebration this weekend.

The event was a huge success with 100 percent of the proceeds going toward the Harvey Relief Effort for our Beth Yeshurun Campus. The outstanding support confirms that you are committed to providing a place for spiritual, personal, and educational growth.

We especially want to thank our sponsors for their overwhelming support and individuals for their participation. Their generous giving is a tribute to the commitment to our school and our congregation. A special thanks to our volunteers and staff volunteers who contributed to our event’s success. The Purim Committee did an outstanding job of organizing the event.Volunteers helped before,during, and after the fundraiser. Thank you to Jen Deutsch, Season Paquette, Rachel Teichman, Jennifer Aronson, Lindsay Cohen, Dena Segal, Jennifer Rosenzweig, Randee Berman, Jordana Slawin, Tara Sondock, Courtney Haas, Danielle Haas (Volunteer Coordinator), and our counterparts at Congregation Beth Yeshurun. A hearty Mazel Tov to Rabbi David Rosen, who makes riding on a camel look like so much fun!

Our online auction is now closed. Thank you all for participating!

Congratulations to the winner of the $2,000 dollars gift card from Zadok Jewelers! If you are the lucky holder of the raffle ticket number 638177 please contact Guido Setton at gsetton@byds.org.

Thank you to Zadok Jewelers for their generosity.

Again, thank you for supporting our Grand Purim Celebration. Together, we will continue to rebuild our school to achieve the goals in our mission towards excellence in education.


The Beth Yeshurun Community is thankful for all of our sponsors! 

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Come one, come all! Join us for a grand Purim celebration.

This year’s Purim event will be the biggest and best ever as we celebrate the lifetime achievements of our beloved and retiring senior rabbi David Rosen. We will celebrate a “Sunday in the Park with David” on March 4, 2018, from 4:00–7:00pm. Our entire Beth Yeshurun community is invited to celebrate marvels of the past and the present. Together we will delight in the festival of Purim and praise the resilience of our people.

On August 26th, just eight days in to the 2017-2018 school year, Hurricane Harvey changed the lives of everyone in living in Houston. Unprepared for such an epic disaster Beth Yeshurun Day School was determined to fulfill its commitment to education and find a place for all students to attend school. With outstretched arms our community partners at Congregation Beth Israel, The Shlenker School, and The Emery/Weiner School welcomed our students on to their campuses while synagogue and school administrators set to the work of rebuilding our beloved school.

Beth Yeshurun Day School could not be more grateful to the incredible outpouring of support we have received from our synagogue and community partners. Will you continue to help us during this time of rebuilding for the future? We are asking you to please be a sponsor for this grand Purim celebration so that we may help bring more of our own school campus back to life.

Jennifer and Allen Deutsch
Lisa and Rabbi Brian Strauss
Bruce D. Stein

Please email development@byds.org or call Director of Development, Guido Setton at 713-666-1884 with any questions you may have about these events.

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