Cross-Curricular Experiential Learning

After spending several days learning the physics of “spinning things” (centripetal force, balance, momentum, friction, center of gravity, etc.), 5th grade was challenged to design their own dreidel. A day was spent reviewing the difference between scientists and engineers and specifically how engineers use their designs to solve problems.

The dreidel had to be made of primarily recycled materials and must be designed using the Engineering Design Process. This incorporated the Hanukkah traditions of spinning dreidels into our STEAM curriculum of physics, engineering, conservation, and art.

The finished designs were very impressive. Several spun for well over a minute and two of them spun not only right-side-up, but also upside-down or on their side. Certificates were given for longest spin time, best Hanukkah theme, most versatile spin, best use of materials, most unique, as well as artistic qualities. 

Our Hanukkah Week in Pictures

Monday: Memory Book Monday
Tuesday: Terrific Tuesday – Hanukkah Sweaters and T-Shirts
Wednesday: Give Back Wednesday – Donate Gifts to Aishel House
Thursday: Dizzy Dreidel Contest
Friday: Early Childhood’s Neon Glow in the Dark Shabbat and Elementary School’s Very Special Hanukkah Shabbat

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