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Dear Beth Yeshurun Day School families and prospective Day School families,

Beth Yeshurun Day School and Congregation Beth Yeshurun share more than just a name. Our Congregation is committed to supporting the Day School because of the value we place on offering a Jewish Day School education to Houston Jewish families. The Day School was founded to fulfill the vision of the Congregation’s rabbi, Rabbi William S. Malev, decades ago. And ever since then, the school and the congregation have shared the same campus. The congregation also financially subsidizes some of the operating costs of the school.

But more than that, we, the Rabbis and Hazzan of the congregation, participate in the various Jewish educational programs and classes throughout the year. We enjoy answering your children’s questions about God, about prayer, about Jewish values, or about Israel. We are delighted to work with the faculty and staff of BYDS to enrich the Jewish learning and programs offered by the school.

We also want you to know that we are here for you! We know how challenging it is to raise children – we have all been there ourselves!! (Some of us are still dealing with these same challenges!) The Jewish tradition has a lot to say about raising children, what values and aspirations we should try and instill in our children, and how to encourage them to think critically, creatively, and pragmatically.

Lessons for modern life really can be learned from the Torah, from the wisdom of our Sages, and from Jewish history. Judaism is not just a religion for our children; it is actually a very intelligent and inspiring faith that can help us all bring meaning and purpose to our everyday lives. If we can answer questions that you might have, or that your children have asked and you have not been able to answer, please do give us a call or drop us an email. We want to hear from you.

By sending your children to a Jewish Day School you are providing your children with a strong foundation for growing up to become the next generation of Jewish leaders. Recent studies have shown that three factors have the greatest impact on creating a strong Jewish identity: Jewish education through High School years, social networks with other Jewish children through the High School years, and Jewish ritual observance at home through the High School years. The more children are immersed in these three areas of Jewish enrichment, the stronger their Jewish identity will be when they go to college and become independent adults.

In order to help you provide that kind of environment for your children, we encourage Day School families to participate in Shabbat and holiday celebrations at Congregation Beth Yeshurun and in the other family activities our congregation offers. If you are members of the congregation, you know you also benefit from a discount in your child’s tuition at the day school. We hope you will want to make Congregation Beth Yeshurun your “home away from home.”

Thank you for choosing to send your children to Beth Yeshurun Day School. Thank you for your support. Thank you for encouraging your children to explore and discover the wonders of our Jewish heritage.

Rabbis David Rosen, Steven Morgen, Brian Strauss, and Hazzan Meir Finkelstein

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